Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Attention Everyone: Should We Wear Christian T-Shirts

As you might’ve noticed from several websites such as
Ken's Christian t-shirts and Apparel the discussion about whether or not a Christian should wear has once again brought up to surface. People begin to talk and argue (again) goods and the bads about wearing religious t-shirts and necklaces. Some say that wearing religious clothing and accessories is one’s privilege. Some say that wearing such attire is not necessary and better avoided. So, where should we stand between these two different opinions? How can we figure out if wearing a christian shirts online or a cross around your neck is a good decision?

First of all, let’s realize that the Bible does not talk about using Christian symbols as clothing and accessories. Yes, and that started this whole thing about the pros and cons of Christian Shirts Cool  rise tees Christian Shirts. Well, as we know, the cross was a symbol of torture and death back in Jesus’ time. The Christians themselves, are believed to start wearing crosses until after crucifixation was not the primary source of capital punishment anymore. With this, actually, the argument that says wearing a cross today would be the equivalent of wearing an electrocuted collar (yes, like one’s of dog pet) does not work. If any, wearing a cross reminds us about Christ’s sacrifice, and it makes us feel closer to Him.
The focus of our worship

What we had to keep in mind is the fact that our cross is nothing more than a symbol. Our cross earings, bracelets and necklaces should never become the object of our worship. If they do, then it is obviously forbidden by scripture, see 1 Corinthians 10:14. Worshipping the cross itself means making it an idol, while we are to worship God directly.

Another thingo keep in mind is that what really matters is not our outside appearances, see 1 Peter 3:3. Of course, you should wash and dress yourself up every single day; it is still not okay to go outside the house looking like we just rolled out of bed. Presenting a nice image to the world of who we are is important and it is definitely a privilege of ours. However, it should not be our focus in life. God is sure not concerned about how Try Christian T-Shirts Online Christian we look. It is all about we put faith in Him—bending our hearts towards Him, focusing on worshipping Him. instead of trying so hard to look like a Christian, we’d better act and think like one. If we think otherwise, then we have missed the point, see Matther 23:27.

Wearing religious clothing or accessories is okay as long as the attire does not disrespectful towards other religions. Some sell Christian t-shirts with pun words, and it is okay to wear one of those only if the puns do not undermine any beliefs. Do not wear the attire if we have ill intentions towards others. Yes, we are allowed to present ourselves as Christians, but it is not okay to push our belief into others who happen to have different opinions from us.